Founded by a group of young Celebrity obsessed individuals, Super Star Jackets has become an ideal spot for buyers looking for Celebrity inspired jackets from various top chart Movies, Tv Seasons and mainstream social media influencers. We also offer gaming jackets, casual celebrity attires, cosplay, biker jackets and lot more.

All our products are made from high quality materials. We are not just talking about the leather here. But also the zips, linings, buttons, threads and all other consumables used in producing these articles of clothing.

Although we started out as a celebrity and game inspired jacket store. We now also offer a wide range of designer leather jackets, which are highly in demand with our enthusiastic customers.

Our Mission is to bring high quality Genuine, as well as, synthetic leather jackets at best prices to our customers. While ensuring latest collection of designer and Hollywood inspired jackets.

Additionally, we aim to ensure that our suppliers, manufactures and everyone involved in our supply chain follows our ethical standards and social responsibility, namely fair wages and favorable working conditions. For this very reason, we choose not to work with leather obtained from tanneries known for exploiting workers.